Katrine has over 20 years’ experience working with legal professionals across Victoria to provide independent Vocational Assessment Services relating to personal injury.

These services include detailed reports and attending the County, Magistrates and Supreme Courts as an expert witness.

Vocational Assessments determine if individuals with an injury can work; if so, what work can they perform, given their injury, physical and/or psychological limitations considering their education, qualifications, vocational training/ education, work history, transferable skills and occupational knowledge. Where applicable, reference is made to the realities of the referred individual securing employment in the open labour market. 


Areas of specialisation include:

check circle icon Work Related Injuries

check circle icon Road Accident Injuries

check circle icon Occupational Diseases, including   Silicosis Lung Disease

check circle icon Medical Negligence

check circle icon Public Liability

check circle icon Institutional Abuse

check circle icon Total & Permanent Incapacity – Superannuation

Proprietary process for completing Vocational Assessments

Katrine’s comprehensive Vocational Assessments use a detailed proprietary process which features the following;

Stage 1: Interview of referred individuals

Attending to referred individuals in a timely manner.

  • Structured in-depth interview:
    • Obtaining personal details and background information in regard to injury.
    • Current status – physical, psychological and emotional symptoms.
    • Current physical tolerances
    • Treatment for injuries – physical and psychological.
    • Activities of daily living – pre and post injury.
    • Medication and issues.
    • Work History & Education/Vocational Education/ Qualifications
  • Vocational history, including comprehensive account of their duties and responsibilities:
    • Physical and other demands of their job role
    • Education and qualifications
    • Where applicable test for English literacy, numeracy skills, and keyboard speed.
    • Language skills
    • Licenses
    • Computer skills
    • Supervisory and team roles
    • Allied skills
    • Occupational knowledge
  • Assessment and observation during interview of general presentation, behaviour, abilities, psychological and emotional presence.
    • Read documentation provided by the referring legal firm for review and appropriate citation in the Vocational Assessment Report.

Stage 2: Report preparation

  • The vocational assessment report consists of:
    • Client details
    • Documents provided and resources referred to
    • Purpose of the assessment
    • Background information
    • Current status of client
    • Vocational history
    • Transferable skills
    • Opinion
  • The Opinion:
    • Identifies main occupations for which the referred individual can be considered.
    • Depending on the purpose of the report, e.g., serious injury application, an occupational analysis is included.
    • Where applicable the issues associated with the injured person gaining suitable employment in the open labour market.
    • An analysis of all medical opinions.
    • What suitable employment, if any, the referred individual can do given their physical and/or psychological injury.

Stage 3: Expert witness (if required)

In addition, Katrine is available for ZOOM meetings to discuss her Vocational Assessment process, reports and the documentation required.

Briefing on Vocational Assessments for lawyers

Katrine welcomes the opportunity to provide briefings to lawyers in the requirements and process for completing a Vocational Assessment including the documentation required. This can be delivered by ZOOM. To find out more, please contact Katrine on (03) 9863 7225.

Experienced expert witness in the Supreme, County and Magistrates Courts.

Katrine’s industry and occupational expertise covers the following: aeronautical industry, engineering, various manufacturing industries, warehouse/ distribution/transport services, hospitality, retail industry, professional practices including accounting and engineering consultancies, educational institutions and occupational rehabilitation services.

Example Vocational Assessment Report

Upon request, Katrine will provide a sample report for lawyers and firms considering her Vocational Assessment service. The report is a template using anonymous data for illustrative purposes. For a copy, please contact Katrine on
(03) 9863 7225.