1. Graduate On-boarding

Katrine has extensive experience with graduate recruitment/employment and the on-going development of graduates as they transition from on-boarding to becoming productive employees.

With broad experience in the on-boarding and ongoing development of graduates, Katrine’s structured approach equips recent graduates with the skills necessary to fast track their development. Katrine acts as a sounding board and mentor to assist graduates with their new career and to supplement the support of their employer.

Katrine assists graduates to understand their role, know the company’s culture, being accountable, taking responsibility, teamwork, work relationships, and understanding management styles. This includes assisting with developing soft skills, such as resilience, goal setting, planning, assertiveness, identifying solutions, interpersonal skills, handling conflict and working independently or alone.

Career coaching services range from assisting organisations with the initial induction of graduates (up to 3 months) and a comprehensive coaching program (up to 15 months)

2. Mature Employee Coaching

Consulting to assist individuals with strategies to transition into semi and/or full retirement, considering vocational options with small business ventures and volunteering. Employers are able to refer employees for a consultation. Self-referrals are also welcome. This includes the career/lifestyle changes and options for employees rather than total retirement.

3. Professional Development Coaching for Career Teachers

Katrine offers professional development/coaching to career counselling teachers to assist their students with occupations and preparation for further studies and entering the workforce.

To find out more, please contact Katrine on (03) 9863 7225.